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Our Process:  
The Efficient Edge 
Step 1:  Insight
Working with you and your Advisory Team, we create a written Policy Metric Roadmap, which outlines specific goals and risk tolerance metrics.  This process documents clearly how you measure success within your insurance portfolio.

Step 2:  Analysis
Using advanced algorithmic analysis and proprietary industry research, we test and scrutinize existing insurance policies to determine their strength and future sustainability.  In addition, we integrate potential alternative strategies and combine those into a multi-faceted examination of your policies and options we call The Opportunity Matrix.  This process gives you a clear understanding of the sustainability of every policy within your portfolio.

Step 3:  Direction
In Step 3, we meet again with you and your Advisory Team.  Integrating the data-driven results of the Matrix and your goals as defined in the Roadmap, specific actions are weighed and considered.  We will then create a written Policy Action Protocol which will give anyone responsible for managing your policy a clearly written guide for making future policy decisions.

Step 4:  Action
Policy remediation, rehabilitation and purchase will be completed in this step.  Should additional insurance be required, we rely on the same analytic-driven processes to confirm that all new policies are aligned with the stated Policy Action Protocol guidelines.  If health is a concern, our customized Health Optimization Negotiator shepherds your case through the entire underwriting process.

Step 5:  Sustainability
Following rehabilitation of current policies or implementation of additional ones, we coordinate periodic reviews to confirm policy sustainability and optimization.  As policy protection advocates, we monitor the health of the policies, provide consistent and timely expertise, and above all, safeguard your vision as documented in the Policy Action Protocol through active guidance and support.

At this point, depending on your needs - as defined by The Opportunity Matrix and your personal wishes - our engagement may be complete.  If, however, you wish to have The Efficient Edge implement any changes as called for in the Analysis, we would move on to Step 4: Action.
Our five-step process, The Efficient Edge Advantage, integrates unique actuarial precision and in-depth insurance expertise for investors who require objective, transparent and fully-disclosed professional consultation.